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Discover the Joys of Camping at Tent Sites, Motor-Home Sites, and Caravan Sites in Whitianga

If you are interested in a Whitianga camping trip, our tent sites are a fabulous choice, perfect for those who love to connect with nature while still having access to well-maintained amenities. Our camping sites are, on average, 12 x 9m and each site has access to power and water so you can be as comfortable as possible. Skip your typical camping struggles with this ideal accommodation option.

Benefits of Unconventional Accommodation

Staying in a hotel can be amazing, as can roughing it with no amenities, but our Whitianga tent sites provide a different style of living and vacationing. Here are a few benefits of enjoying your holiday outside an average hotel room or camp site.

  • Camping as a family can provide quality time together as there will be no distracting TV for the kids to stare at. All parents wish their kids would spend less time in front of a screen, and the right camping accommodation is a great way to make that happen. Spend time outdoors and go for walks, and let your kids lead the way on an exploration trip. You’ll be surprised at what they discover.
  • Bonding is essential on a trip when not every necessity is provided for you. Success sometimes requires all hands on deck. Everyone, even the kids, should have a role in making things comfortable for the whole family. Sharing the load will help you interact more as a family unit and can bring you closer together.
  • Your kids may know how to work an iPad better than you ever will, but in nature away from the distractions of the internet, your kids can learn new skills by your side, such as how to build a fire and cook a meal. You can teach them about the value of nature and share memories while creating new ones together. Our Whitianga motor-home sites offer the perfect place for your family to enjoy the comforts of home while interacting with nature.
  • Mercury Bay Holiday Park is family-friendly with a very relaxed atmosphere. There are usually a few other families with kids around a camping ground, meaning your kids will most likely make a few friends. By engaging with other families, they have some freedom to run around and climb trees without you worrying that they are spending all their vacation time alone. Your kids will enjoy being able to have some fun without being glued to your side, and you’ll get a little relaxation time in for yourself, too.


Choose Mercury Bay Holiday Park for Whitianga Caravan Sites and Much More

Mercury Bay Holiday Park offers motor-home and caravan sites located centrally in the park for easy access to the communal BBQ, swimming pool, and kids play areas for your convenience when you’re on vacation with your family. Our Whitianga caravan sites offer you a unique Kiwi camping experience without having to pitch a single tent. The annexe is attached with a large deck and plenty of space for family gatherings.

With our fully-equipped caravans, you don’t have to worry about packing everything but the kitchen sink. Packing and unpacking for a holiday can be stressful and a big job to tackle, especially with kids. Our caravans offer you the option of just showing up, stocking the fridge, and enjoying your relaxation time.

If you love camping but can’t stand all the preparation, booking one of our caravan sites may be the perfect plan for your family. Contact us so we can answer questions you may have about our Whitianga caravan sites or any of the other accommodation options we have.


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